3 Facts about the role that Primary Socialization plays in the Socialization Process?

Fact 1:

Primary Socialization sets the ground work for all future socialization and is therefore of prime importance for children.

Fact 2:

Primary Socialization is taught and reinforced through the values, principles (beliefs) and practices (actions) of their immediate family and friends. For example, a child develops his/her attitudes and opinions of others through the example of his/her family. Hatred of the police, for example, can be developed through witnessing (on a regular basis) a family member swearing at a police car every time this family member encounters a police car on the road. Such repetitive examples, may lead the child to rationalize that this behavior is acceptable and he/she may continue to have this opinion for life. (Baier, A., 2005)

Fact 3:

Primary socialization can have both a positive or negative effect on the socialization process of young people. This effect is determined by the values, principles and practices of the young person’s parents and family. Parents/families whose values, principles and practices align closely with those of mainstream society are more likely to be regarded as “good citizens”. (Baier, A., 2005)

Copyright 2019 Dr Carol Schultz

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